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Birth Records Index

Death Records Index (1881 – 1939)

Marriage Records (1804 – 1888)

Marriage Records (1889 – 1940)

Wills (1804 - 1899)

Wills (1900 – 1947)

Additional Online Resources

Southern Bell Telephone & Telegraph phone books (1930 – 1932)

Bobbi Woodruff Collection

C.B. Arnette Collection

Dr. E.C. Tolbert Collection

Elizabeth Rone Collection

Lisa Crowe Collection

Nell Blankenship Collection

The Little Garden Club Collection

WWII Scrapbook - First Pres. Church Collection

1878 Rutherford County Map by D.G. Beers & Company

Other Holdings Available at the Rutherford County Archives

Chancery Court Loose Files and Minute Books (1845-2004)

Circuit Court Loose Files and Minute Books (1845-1995)

Historic Probate Files and Other Court Records (1804-1914)

County Maps (1800s & 1900s)

Daily News Journal Collection, Bound Volumes and Microfilm (1931-1992)

Tax Records (1877-2012)

Rutherford County Historical Society Publications

Rutherford County History Research Files

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